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Having The Next Thing Ready- Baby Clothes Storage

boxes for baby clothes storage

Let’s face it these kiddos are growing so fast!  When you’re a mom you know better than anyone that life moves fast and that you need to have the next thing ready.  In order to try to keep up, I anticipate ahead.  Sometimes I find Lily is in between sizes.  She doesn’t fill out her clothes but her height requires us to buy her bigger clothes to fit her length.  To keep myself from scrambling last minute, I store her clothes in the next sizes ready at hand.  It’s like a well oiled machine, the small go out and new sizes come in.  I keep her bigger clothes in pretty decorative boxes in our living room on our storage shelf.  As I’ve mentioned now countless time, building upward is my main storage solution in our home.  In previous posts I’ve talked about shelving and building upward to save space.  If you missed my previous post about homemade storage solutions and would like to check it out, follow this link.

storage boxes on shelf

storage boxes on shelf

When our living room started to get tight during my pregnancy I took action and ordered us this shelf.  As always, building upward.  I picked a tall, five shelf unit that today holds: many boxes, princess trunks, totes and books.  It seems like a no brainer but it does store so many things.  Many of which are tiny items and accessories that would create a mess and easily get lost.  To avoid losing these tiny items and to easily find them when I need them (saving time and stress) I use these decorative boxes and storage totes.  The pink totes hold the loads of bibs and burp clothes that we always need when we’re feeding Lily often times in the living room.  The princess trunk holds toys neatly and will one day be moved to her room.  The storage boxes that compartmentalize the storage is the part where you can play with the storage solutions and instead of having it look like boxes or plastic containers you can pick decor that matches your interior or makes you happy with its patterns.  I’m always a believer in making yourself happy, even if its with the simple things such as a pretty box.

Navy floral storage boxes

I package her clothes in the next two sizes in these navy blue floral boxes.  Navy blue and white is one of my favorite color pattern combinations and it makes surprise appearances throughout my home.  Whenever I start to see that Lily is getting a little too tall for her outfits or that her pant belly band is too tight, I bust out the boxes.  These boxes are great because when we are gifted clothes, I wash them and immediately store them by size.  I’ve learned it’s important to take them out and look at them every once in a while or you can miss when they will fit.  Unfortunately a few things she never wore because she outgrew them so quickly.  Most of the time though, as long as I take them out and admire them, I will catch on when it’s time to go up to the next size.  Besides these baby clothes are just so cute to look at anyways!  The tiny pants with prints are just adorable.

In the end it’s simple storage: a few nice looking boxes on a shelf.  In my case many boxes, so many that I bought enough to make a set therefore choosing them to be matching.  And it’s these little things that solve annoying little issues like being able to find what I need right away, when I already need the next thing.  It’s the funny reality of mom life.  Time is precious when you have a baby, so many things are done franticly and in a rush.  A little preplanning keeps my home in order and the next thing ready to go.


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