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The Baby Toy That Allows Us To Get Some Sleep

Baby toy activity bar

As new parents or quite possibly as being parents go in general- we do not get sleep often.  We go to sleep way later than the baby does.  We hit the hay after we’re done preparing the household for the next day, have everything ready to go for the next morning or potentially earlier than that with the dreaded night wake up call.  We’re up early with the baby, since that baby likes to decide when the day should start.  Thus when we found a baby toy that occupied our baby when she woke up, we were beyond grateful.

The baby activity bar toy has been an absolute lifesaver!  This toy is the primary reason we are able to sleep in a little bit (this is all relative to baby time, maybe it’s more appropriate to say we get sleep ;)).  By far the most attractive quality in my eye is that the activity bar is so versatile.  It can be attached to the stroller/pram, crib, living room nap crib, pack n play virtually anything we want to.  Lily is absolutely entertained by the toys that dangle.  They rattle, squeak and one plays music and has a teething component to it.  We sometimes even attach her other toys to it and she is most entertained by this toy set than all her other toys.  When she wakes up early in the morning for a little while she plays with the activity bar toys.  Since she reached around three months age she’s been entertained and occupied by the activity bar.  Even more so now that she is five months old she is even more interested in all the hanging toys.  As a bonus she will even fall asleep playing with it or play while we warm her food.  It’s not 100% the problem solver, but been a huge help to us new parents.  Overall, I was skeptical about needing more toys for her, but I have been impressed with this one from the start and I’m so grateful to have found it.  Mama and daddy that sleep are two happy people who can better take care of a baby.

Do you have any tips or tricks to get more sleep in?


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