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Christmas Traditions

Baby's first Christmas ornament

It’s that time of the year where the holidays are upon us.  Now more than ever I’m reflecting on my life and upbringing, remembering my family traditions as well as trailblazing my own traditions.  Since we’ve branched off and started our own family, it’s been a tradition for us to buy at least one ornament to add to the Christmas tree.  This year of course we have to commemorate this big year so we purchased a “baby’s first Christmas” animal ornament with the year.  We placed it next to last’t years pink baby shoes ornament (from the ChristKindl market).  The baby’s first Christmas ornament is soooo precious. If you want to buy one you can find it following this link at Target (and for a great price too, it’s only $2.80.  What a steal!). It’s gender neutral so it can be for a girl or boy. I’m very excited to share this tradition with Lily and have her grow with us and decorate our tree.

Gluhwein at the Christmas market

This is has been an exception but we typically purchase our ornament at the annual winter Christkindl market in downtown Chicago.  If you haven’t checked out the market before you must (here’s a link to their website!).  This year they have even expanded their market and have two more locations (in Wrigleyville and Naperville downtown).  At the market they have delicious goodies, many imports and a Christmas specialty from Germany Glühwein (warm spiced wine) mmm delicious!

This Christmas is a big Christmas for our little family, because it is Lily’s first Christmas.  We opened our presents early just to watch Lily open hers.  She was wondering what the gifts were and of course she adored the packaging as much as the gift itself.  Rattling the wrapping then taking big wet bites of the paper, she was filled with wonder, excitement and curiosity.  She actually got a little too riled up opening and playing with her new toy that she protested her bedtime afterwards.  Understandable, after all who wants Christmas to end?  Setting presents aside though, it was truly magical just watching her in the moment.  It seems like the biggest cliché but truly seeing you child(ren) happy and smiling is all us parents want.

pink baby shoes ornament

mini christmas tree

Do you have any family Christmas/holiday traditions?  I would love to hear about them!  To share please leave a comment 🙂

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