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Reflecting On The Year- Goodbye 2017!

Lily Rose Tellez

Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018!

Before we wave goodbye to 2017, I’m reflecting on all the amazing things that have come to pass this year.  Too often do we not give ourselves due credit.

I always say, there are fun years and there are work years.  This year has been a work year and a year of miraculous gifts.  The best thing by far this year is that we welcomed our daughter Lily Rose into our lives.  There are have been many trials and errors (whoopsies) but it is thanks to these experiences we have grown and learned.

It is crazy and unbelievable to reflect back on the year and realize that at the beginning of the year our family was a couple.  It was just Miguel and me.  Boy oh boy can a year change things, now we are three, a growing family.  I take this as a lesson of hope and perseverance.  If you’re unhappy where you are today, remember things are not permanent and life changes.  Next year you will be in a different place.  Try and try again, make changes and move on because life is restless and keeps flowing forward, whether we like it to or not.  Not happy?  Don’t worry things will change, just make them happen a bit faster and guide them by helping it along.  There is always hope and there always reasons to be happy and grateful.

It is easy to take things for granted.  Accept things as a given, but really everything is a gift and time flies quickly, life changes.  I’ve learned to take moments one at a time.  One thing that has always been a fault of mine is patience.  I have always struggled with it. I move fast and expect things to be done quickly.  It has been a personal challenge of mine to work on improving this about myself.  Well nothing has given me as much help in this department as having a child.  Parents will know what I mean with this one.  Having children has taught me to be more patient.  This wasn’t easy and wasn’t handed to me, but having a child has pushed me to be a better version of myself.  I want to be a good example for my daughter and I want to give her peace and understanding.  Life moves quickly and we get caught up in the rush, but I remind myself she is learning everything from scratch.  EVERYTHING IS NEW and of course takes time and patience to learn.  Therefore, I want to be that patient parent who guides their kids and provides comfort.  I’m not rushing her to do anything, I let her learn and discover at her own pace.  My job is to provide her with a calm, encouraging environment and provide guidance.  I applaud her when she accomplishes something to show her how proud of her we are and strive to give her a nurturing environment.

Lily Rose Tellez playing with a flower

Lily Rose Tellez baby

Having a child has also taught me to take it one step at a time.  I’m a big time planner, and I like to plan things out and have back-up plans for emergencies and plans that fall through.  The reality is though, you can’t plan everything, especially with children.  I’ve learned to be more laid back, adaptable and go with the flow, be more willing to change plans.  Lily has taught me to take it one step at a time and I hope I can teach her back the same lesson.  One baby step at a time.

This year has been magnificent.  I’m so proud of all the accomplishments we have made as a family.  When I think of 2017, I will think of it as, “We did it!” year.

At the beginning of the year we didn’t know what we were in for (we had an idea) but didn’t know how it will go (and nobody does).  In today’s society it is a privilege to have children, it takes time and money that is hard to come by these day.  This is why I am self recognizing that what we have done is an achievement.  I am so proud of us, we did it!

It has been a wonderful WE DID IT year!

There’s nothing wrong with looking back and reflecting, and I think we should do it more often.  For personal growth purposes it is beneficial to take some time to slow down, evaluate and reflect back at what we have done and give ourself a pat on the back.  It s an encouragement that we all owe ourselves.  Too often do we take things for granted and we ourselves are our own harshest critics.  Look back at what you have achieved.  You may even be surprised.  Give yourself credit and tell yourself you are amazing.  Look at what you did this year!  Acknowledge to yourself what you have done deserves recognition and set yourself up for more success.  You did great this year and next year you will do even better!

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