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Energized Morning, Making The Day A Little Brighter

French press morning coffee on the balcony

Who isn’t running around busy wrapped up doing a million things?  This applies to all of us human beings (but maybe even more so to parents).  I feel truly blessed to have child care figured out for the most part, but the trade off is I rarely see my husband for more than a couple of hours and it is seldom quality time.  There seems to be a million and one things to do and we get so easily caught up in living in a whirlwind.  The number one thing we are not getting enough of is rest, but every blue moon we give up a bit more of the rest we do get, and trade it off to spend some quality time together.  A little bit of planning went a long way.  The night before we agreed on waking up earlier, and assigned morning prep tasks to get everything in order quickly once we were up the following morning.

I love seeing the sunrise.  I think that early morning crisp air, dewy grass and golden sunshine is an energizing force. Combined with some fresh coffee and a breakfast, that is pure perfection.  Despite feeling like a zombie, I pulled myself out of bed and woke my husband up.  We both got ready and made a little breakfast to get the day started.  It could have been just an ordinary day, but doing this little extra thing made my whole day a million times better.  I had started my day of by actually eating a breakfast and hanging out a bit with my love.  We had adult conversations and caught up on the little things.  It was a brief breakfast only lasting about 20 mins or so, but it made all the difference in my disposition and my stomach.  Normally, I get ready and leave for work in a usual mundane fashion, this morning I left with a kiss on my cheek and a giddiness to my step.  Sometimes it’s about seizing the opportunities we have.  Doing the little things that make us happy, making the time to see each other, getting up a little earlier and making our world a little brighter.

Bonus, we got to enjoy the balcony while it’s still warm enough to sit out there.  With fall revving up, we are going to be preparing for winter before we know it.  Enjoying every single day in the present before the temps drop.

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