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Gift Giving Guide for Men- Top 5 Gifts For Him

christmas gifts

Christmas is just around the corner and in the holiday spirit I am writing a post sharing 5 gifts ideas for the men in your life.  Is it just me ladies or do you agree it’s totally hard to shop for men?  Their gifts are just not as easy to shop for as women.  For women I have loads of ideas for unique and fun gifts.  For men it is definitely harder to think of a thoughtful gift.  Well fear not, this holiday season I have put together this guide to men’s gifts, sharing gifts that were inspired by the men in my life.  I’m an only sister surrounded by brothers and the wife of a very loving husband.  Let’s treat these men who love us right by giving them something that will get them excited! Price ranges vary so there is a gift below to suit many.

5 Gifts For The Men In Your Life

decanter whiskey glass set

1.) Decanter and glass set.  Are we getting old?  I got my husband this Waterford Marquis set, so he can luxuriously sip his whiskeys and he LOVES IT!  We both use it actually and often.  The glasses on this set have a nice weight to them.

Fantastic Beasts gift set

Fantastic Beasts gift set

Homemade bookmark

Homemade bookmark

2.) Fantastic Beasts blu-ray, dvd and card gift set for the Harry Potter fan in your life. I paired it with a copy of the screenplay and as a bonus mini gift I made a bookmark with a special message on it by using the tag off the present and a black silk ribbon.  It’s personalized and the message will last for years.

Men's cologne set

3.) What man doesn’t enjoy smelling appealingly?  Give him the gift of seduction by gifting him a bottle of his favorite cologne.  For us scent is tied to memories and each of the colognes he has at home mean something because I bought them on a trip or at a special place.  Wearing it everyday takes him back to those happy moments and let’s them live on.  Our top favorites include: Tom Ford Portofino (this one is the big splurge- but it is THE BEST COLOGNE I have ever smelled on a man- and it’s unisex if you want to sneak some of it for yourself ladies 😉 it smells so good on women too), Bleu de Chanel, Allure Homme Sport by Chanel (Eau Extreme) and Jimmy Choo Man Intense for the flame in your life.

Scentbird cologne subscription

4.) Instead of splurging on a bottle of cologne you can give him an array of choices and a gift that keeps on giving by gifting a subscription like Scentbird.  It’s a flexible subscription that allows you to chose your frequencies from monthly to annually and when you’ve collected enough you can pause your subscription and keep your membership.  It’s a fun little gift and accessory he will easily be able to put in his pocket and take with him to work or anywhere he goes.  The benefit of this is it’s small, convenient and allows you to try many different scents before you commit to a big old bottle.

Best Dad Ever mug and Papa Bear tshirt

5.) Best Dad Ever Mug (and it’s a steal for only $5.99 for this giant pot of coffee size mug- no refills needed 😉 best gift ever am I right?) and Papa bear shirt (way to make your man look cuter- pull at my heart strings every time) plus there are tons of variations for this one!  Show him he’s the best with a gift that is an everyday reminder of how wonderful he is.  These gift are also available in other titles such as uncle, grandpa etc so you can match them for the special someone in your life.

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