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Having A Baby- The Unprepared Prepared

We knew having a baby was going to be a life changing decision.  No one can really prepare you for it.  I like to describe it as the hardest and the greatest thing I will ever do.  In the beginning there were so many transitional days and so much learning.  We were freshly faced parents heading for uncharted waters, thinking we knew how to weather the storms.  We thought we did our research, read our books and articles, talked to our friends and family so we knew, yes it will be sleepless and hard.  Nothing can really prepare you for what parenthood really is.  When it happens, the tiny human being looks up at you, tiny arms hugging you and in your heart you know that they’re yours and they will need you for so many things.  In that moment you know you are a parent now and you will be concerned for this little person for the rest of your life.  All you want is for them to be happy.  It’s true, it’s that simple.

It’s amazing the things that seem unbearable yet you go through them every day for your child.  All the sleepless nights (and days), blurring together to one long continuous and repetitive day.  You look like a cave person, not being able to brush your teeth or take decent shower because your little human needs you every minute.  Being a parent during all hours of the day, a day full of multi-tasking, a list of errands that seems to be endless.  Breastfeeding/pumping (that is it’s own category- another full time job). At the end of the day you sit down and rest your back and then wonder how it is you got food/throw-up/unknown fluid on your elbow. Yes on your elbow and in places you didn’t know you could get things on or for that matter in.  My husband once had throw up in his tiny shirt pocket.  Kids can make things you didn’t conceive of happen.  It’s not always pretty or glamorous, but when this tiny little human looks into your eyes and smiles at you, it sounds so cliché, but the troubles and hardships all melt away.  Wait until they can giggle, oh boy are you in for it then.  Hearts captured, we are smitten.  We trudge through endless tasks without what seems like catching a break, but they are worth everything.  There’s nothing I would change about my little Lily and nothing I wouldn’t do for her.  Being the tough job it is, sometimes it feels like you are alone and overwhelmed.  Remember, you are not alone.  Things will get better.  Every state is temporary.  Try to take care of yourself, make adjustments in your life where you can, and enjoy those little smiles and giggles.  They make it all so much better.  It really is true you just want to see your children happy.  It’s why we do what we do. They are worth it- after all they are our everything!

Photography by Bella Baby Photography.

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