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Imperial Lamian A New Experience For Chinese Food

Imperial Lamian

Feeling like taking a trip away without leaving Chicago?  Located in RiverNorth in downtown Chicago, but it feels like you’re far away in Asia.  Although I’ve never been to Asia I imagine that is what it could be like.  Regardless you and your stomach are taking a trip somewhere far away and delicious.  When Imperial Lamian first opened we went to the crowded hot spot to see what the fuss was about.  Our first experiences carved the way to making it a local favorite of ours.  First impressions really do make lasting impressions.  Imperial Lamian redefines Chinese food and puts the experience first.  That experience combines with the flavor bomb foods is what had us coming back for more.  We will never forget the first time we went.  It was obviously overcrowded and bustling, and the wait for service took a long time; however this did not discourage us.  Instead of being turned away, we were swept away.  The restaurant manager came by himself and apologized for the long wait and brought us our drinks himself.  Even though everything took longer, we felt were taken care of and that our business was appreciated.  The excellent services made it easy to take the time to make waiting at our table enjoyable.

Now while you’re waiting, you’re obviously talking, looking around and soaking in the ambience.  You can’t help but let your eyes wander from one detail to the next, attention being caught by the beautifully vividly painted murals on the walls and the delicate birdcages and oriental designs of the interior.  If you’re lucky enough to sit in the area away from the bar you might be able to catch glimpses or even the whole show of the kitchen through the transparent window showcasing the hand pulling of the noodles and meal preparation.

When the food comes, this is by far the best part.  The dim sum is heaven!  Personally I become trapped with all the delicious options and I can’t choose so I surrender and order a variety of appetizers as my meal.  Among my favorite are the soup filled boas.  The soup broth inside these is bursting with savory flavor.  I don’t normally chose the spicier foods, but even the Spicy Szechuan boa won me over.  The broth is dynamite!  You can taste the care and dedication of each handmade boa available in: Gruyere, Duck, Shanghai, Crab, and Truffle.  Surrender yourself and choose a variety for sampling.

Before trying Imperial Lamian my idea of Chinese food was the take away greasy local Chinese food we all know when we’re junking out. Imperial Lamian steps up the game and offers elevated freshly prepared Chinese food that I had not known before and leaves a savory memory in your stomach.



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