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Nursery Reveal! Baby Bedroom and Nursery Decor!

Lily's baby nursery bedroom

Today I’m sharing the details of Lily’s nursery.  When I was pregnant I spent a lot of time planning for and dreaming of my baby.  It took some creative thinking to position all the new baby furniture to fit with our bedroom.  Since we only have the one bedroom, we did a nursery corner for her.  One night Miguel and I decided to make a personal gift for our baby.  At the time we didn’t know her gender, but we wanted to both paint her a painting for her wall.  We had a paint night date night at home and made her Disney paintings.  My husband painted her Simba from the Lion King and I painted baby mine from Dumbo.  It was very personal and a way for us to express our love and yearning for our precious baby.  We hung these personal items along with princess painting and wall decal pink star stickers.


Disney paintings

pink stars nursery


The one wall decor is a light up picture that is like a nightlight.  It lights up in the middle glass and displays an enchanted princess castle skyline.  It’s a cool touch since that adds a little something extra to the paintings on the wall and the Disney princess theme.

I bought animal themed items as well since I recalled my previous encounters with children and how much they love animals.  Keeping this mind I bought a giraffe picture that I color painted in rainbow colors for visual appeal.  It’s my guess that once she’s old enough to look around and explore that she will enjoy looking at the mesmerizing colors.  The feel of this room is purely for my child and I wanted it appeal in every way I could think of for a child.


rainbow giraffe

The theme of her room is pink, white and grey with touches of Disney and animals.  Another personal touch touch we did was her first gift.  We ordered custom made always blanket from Monica and Andy.  It’s 100% muslin cotton and we added her name customized to the blanket.  It’s a gift for her from her newborn days to hopefully a special keepsake when she grows older.  We absolutely love this blanket!  These blankets are so adorable and soft, and they come in a ton of different patterns.  It’s a fun gift to give an expecting family.

rose diaper pad

diaper changing table

For her diaper table, we debated to try to make our own, but I’m sooo glad we ended up buying.  This is really essential.  The diaper changing table we bought came from online was it was delivered to our doorstep.  It didn’t break the bank and wasn’t too difficult to assemble.  If you’re interested in the same one here is a link to our diaper changing table.  This diaper changing table already has a thin pad, but I bought another bigger and curved one that we put on top.  I made sure to buy a few diaper pad sheets in different patterns but more importantly because you need to change a baby’s sheets and diaper pad…a lot.  Therefore, you want to plan ahead and have a few emergency ones to change it to after unexpected accidents and whoopies.  Among my favorite bedsheets and baby diaper pad covers are the Burt’s Bee’s.  They’re 100% cotton and so soft they feel like something you would want to wear, so of course in my book it’s the perfect comfort for a baby.

baby crib

For the bed, we were told at the hospital that bumpers are not needed nowadays and they were advised to be on guard against SIDS.  So for a while we did not have any bed bumpers, but once our girl started rolling around, she was all over the place all night.  There was nothing else we could do but get bed bumpers to prevent her from hitting her head and dangling her arms and legs out of the bed.  I found these grey breathable padded crib bumpers and we have no complaints.  These guys get the job done and match the theme of the nursery.  These also come in a variety of cute colors.

In the end the idea was to make it a personal baby room.  It is done simply and it hits every note we intended it to.  It has pink stars to add intrigue to the walls.  Disney, hand painted paintings, and a little pink elephant shelf (check out my previous blog post about this shelf and decorating in a limited space for more details).  There is a diaper changing table, bumpers, blankets, a monitor- all the essentials with a cohesive and personal theme.  Building the baby’s nursery is a very special time during which you can pour your love and nest while you wait for your little darling to come.

baby nursery room


baby nursery design

Have any comments about our baby nursery or any stories from your experiences? Please comment and share!



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