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Fun Themed Nursery Decorating For A Limited Space

Baby nursery wall decorations

Fun, animal themed nursery lends itself to playful storage elements that double up as decoration.  Our apartment is small for a family; therefore, we have to get creative with what we choose to put in it.  Everything has to have a purpose, for we are limited as to what we can put inside our home if we want to remain clutter-free.  We share a one bedroom apartment with our new little roommate, so clever storage solutions are a must.

One of my favorite storage strategies is to build upward, use shelving and hang items that can be hung up.  The items that hang have to be visually pleasing though since they are exposed.  With this approach instead of hiding items, they’re put on display.  The clothes hanging serve a functional purpose, you’re reminded to use them and they provide a decorational element by being reminiscent to a storefront and being aesthetically pleasing.  The trick is to not overdo it though, keep it to a few items to achieve a clean organized look.

When I first started decorating her nursery I recalled what I learned from my niece, only reaffirming what I had learned from my experiences with children- they love animals! It’s true they love them; their eyes are just drawn to them. Keeping this in mind I decorated Lily’s corner of the room with a colorful, fun animal theme.  After all the nursery area of our bedroom is for her- it’s her space. Miguel and I decided to add a personal touch and create the artwork for her walls. So we took to paintbrushes and canvases and painted her the Disney lion Simba and Dumbo the baby elephant. Lily loves to look at the elephant shelf and grab at her textured dresses.  She loves the colorful animal aspect of her room decorations. A bonus is the shelf not only allows for a few articles of clothing to hang gracefully from its heart hooks, but it can be used as a shelf for creams or anything that we want to place on them for more storage solutions. The placement of this was strategically put one her wall to add color and also above the diaper changing table for convenience.

Do you have any clever storage solutions for working with a small space? I’d love to hear from you if you have anything to share.

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