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Wedding DIY: Homemade Floral Bouquet

Handmade floral wedding bouquet

Wedding bouquets are an iconic piece to your wedding ensemble.  I remember when I was planning my wedding my flower bouquet was a very personal element to me and in order to have my dream bouquet exactly as I wanted it, I undertook to making it myself.  Although I was warned against it, it was one of the best wedding planning decisions I made.  The result was my bouquet came out exactly as I had envisioned it and I ended up de-stressing while I was crafting it the night before my wedding.  Pictured in my bouquet are the following flowers I had chosen: Orchids, (white and lavender) Roses, Mums and Craspedias (as known as billy balls- I added these morning of).


Time to create the bouquet is variable depending on the complexity of your flowers. Mine was estimated at about 1.5 hours.  I prepared the bouquet the night before and kept them fresh in the refrigerator in a vase with a little bit of water.

Handmade floral wedding bouquet

The necessary tools:

  • Floral wire (I used green) (this was necessary for the Orchids because no stems were used)
  • Floral tape (I also used green)
  • Ribbon to tie around the bouquet stems (I used a wide ribbon)
  • Floral pins to hold the ribbon together
  • Flowers of your choice



  1. Dethorn any flowers that may have thorns.
  2. Measure and cut flowers for the length of the bouquet you want. Remember you can always cut it shorter but you can’t make it longer.
  3. For the orchids, prepare the floral wire by measuring out the length of the stems of the other flowers in the bouquet. Make a tiny little hook at one end of the wire.
  4. For my bouquet I took the Orchids off their stems and only had the orchid heads.
  5. Weave the other side of the wire with the tiny hook through the middle of your Orchid. Try to pick a spot that has a thick petal area in the back of the middle of the flower so that you can’t see the floral wire.  Make the hook small enough so it can’t be seen in the middle of the Orchid.
  6. Repeat for all the Orchids you may have.  Now the floral wire serves as the stem.
  7. Arrange the flowers to your liking.  Trim the bottoms evenly to the length of your preference.
  8. Once you’re happy with the length,  wrap the steps with the green floral tape.  Try to wrap them tightly so your flowers don’t move out of the composed arrangement.
  9. Use a wide ribbon to wrap around your floral taped stems. Wrap the ribbon at least several centimeters from the bottom of the stems.  Pin the ribbon down securely with the floral pins.  Be sure to push the pins down and inward so they don’t stick out of your bouquet and prick your hands.
  10. If so desired you can even add a wide lace ribbon for more embellishment.  This is the fun part, bedazzle your bouquet in whatever way makes you happy! Enjoy!


Wedding Photo credit: Photographer Camera.chi



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